Pinewood Country Club Wedding Venue

The joy of every engaged couple is finding the perfect wedding venue. Some couples from the very day they got engaged, know what they want their wedding venue to look like - while so many have no idea of what they want nor what is available in their environment. However, Pinewood Country Club - a premier Wedding Venue in Asheboro, NC, helps set the tone for a perfect wedding and contributes to bringing the wedding plans and preparation to a quick motion.

More than any other wedding service or supplier (aside from a wedding planner that is) the wedding venue plays one of the most pivotal roles in every single wedding that takes place. Therefore, your choice of Wedding Venues in Asheboro might be the biggest decision you will ever make when planning your wedding. After all, it's where your marriage and subsequent celebrations will take place if opting for a civil wedding. And if you are getting married in a House of God, it's still the focus of the subsequent jubilant party. Wedding venues and catering are by far the largest expense of most weddings. Therefore, when looking for your perfect Wedding Venue in Asheboro, it is not a decision you should rush or take lightly.

Finding an affordable Wedding Venue in Asheboro has become the top priority of many couples today.

This is because most people start to realize that getting married can be expensive. Though most couples wish to have an unforgettable wedding, they are also mindful not to start their married life in debt.

Before you can choose your perfect Wedding Venue in Asheboro, you need to decide which factors are right for you. For most newly engaged couples deciding on a venue is always a daunting task, and the first source of information might be the internet where it is advisable they spend only a few hours acquainting themselves with the wonderful world of marriage. After spending a short time on the web, the couple should be able to come up and decide on a preferred wedding style from some of the popular styles which include contemporary, funky, chic, classic, rustic, retro, vintage or seasonal.

Then, from this position, you can start to focus your search for wedding venue Asheboro that befits the style you have in mind.

  • Seven Key Features to Help You Decide
    • Size of the Venue

      Ideally, it's great to have an idea of how many people will be attending your wedding, before you start searching for wedding venue Asheboro. Knowing this one thing will save you a lot of searching time by immediately ruling out wedding venues that are either way too big or too small. You'll find that all experienced wedding venue Asheboro have an exact number relating to the number of people they can accommodate.

      Location of the Venue

      A number of things can determine the location of your wedding venue Asheboro. For example, if most of your guests are coming from interstate, or out of town, it may not be an issue if there is somewhere nearby for them to stay. Some couples love the idea of keeping it all close to home, so as to avoid too much driving around on the day.

      Does It Have Appropriate Accommodations?

      Some couples have found it desirable to find a wedding venue in Asheboro that can accommodate the wedding guests for the night. This is a great alternative, as it makes it easier for guests to relax and not have to worry about how much they are drinking because they don't have to drive.

      The Event Room and Amenities

      Most couples are interested in wedding venues that can accommodate a civil ceremony as well as a reception? When you are visiting any wedding venue Asheboro make sure you look at the room where the ceremony will take place as well as the reception area. You may fall in love with the venue as a whole, but the ceremony room needs to feel really special for the perfect wedding day.

      Venue Catering Options

      Making sure you ask the right questions regarding catering is important. For example:
      • Is it compulsory to use the venue caterers or are you allowed to come with yours?
      • If it's a necessity to use the venues own caterers, what are the arrangement and pricing like?
      • Do they cater for people with allergies and special eating needs, like vegetarians?
      • What about drinks, Is it a cash bar or it is included in the pricing?
      • What type of drinks do they offer?
      • If drinks have a special package how much are the packages and what do they include?

      Wedding Venue Layout

      As you start going to various wedding venue Asheboro, think about the type of layout that will best suit what you have in mind. There are several options. Would you like to have the tables placed around the dance floor so that the dancing can start early and continue throughout the reception or do you prefer to have it all cleared away so that dancing can start after the formalities and food are finished?

      Wedding Photography/Photos

      Wedding photographs are an important way to record and remember your special day. Many people choose wedding venues with great photographic areas so that the wedding photos can be taken without having to go elsewhere. Pinewood Country Club has exceptional areas created specifically for this purpose, so make sure you check them out!

Here at Pinewood Country Club, your Premier Wedding Venue in Asheboro, NC, we are committed to making your experience a memorable one of excellence. Contact Banquets, Meetings & Events @ (336) 629-4266, x-211, or email

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